chapter  2
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Does learning to write have to be so difficult?

Rhetorical theory at the present time is in a similar situation to that which linguistics faced at the end of the 1950s shortly after the publication of Chomsky's Syntactic Structures. Linguists at the present time are asking themselves if the ensuing slaughter was worth it. The vicious attacks on previous and competitive grammars made by some advocates of transformational grammar may in the long run prove to have done more harm than good. Moffett has written a massive series called Interaction, intended to be used from kindergarten to high school. Frank D Angelo has written a freshman composition text for college based on his theory. James L. Kinneavy has used his theory with immigrant children from Mexico, with the elementary and high school guidelines for language arts in Texas, and with two advanced composition texts for college. James Britton's theory has been influential in England, the United States, Canada and Australia.