chapter  12
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Writers and their writing, 15 to 17

The research project which I am about to describe was rather grandly called 'An investigation into the process of writing and the development of writing abilities, 15 to 17'. In fact, it was a small-scale pilot project involving students and their teachers in four Western Australian high schools between 1977 and 1979. Analysis of the data is still continuing. The investigators were a director (myself), a full-time research officer (Adrienne Walker) and five other members of a team comprising university and high school teachers. 1 The objectives of the project were to describe the kinds of writing done in the senior years of these schools (years 10 to 12)2 ; describe the attitudes of students, parents and teachers towards writing; investigate changes in students' writing over the three year period; and relate such changes to personal or situational factors. An underlying and more general aim was to contribute to evidence and knowledge of the writing process.