chapter  1
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From Galicia to Castile and back (1892–1912)

On balance, and in purely economic terms, the effects of the 1959 Stabilization Plan were positive and a crisis was avoided. The Plan itself was sufficient only to provide a stop-gap solution to the problems of the Spanish economy, but its application coincided with a period of economic growth in the rest of Europe, in the wake of post-war, 'Marshall Plan' reconstruction. Economic growth became the leitmotiv of the 1960s, as foreign investment capital flowed in, industrial exports rose, and earnings from foreign visitors became one of the mainstays of the Spanish economy. In 1961 Franco's propagandists launched a campaign to celebrate 'Twenty-five Years of the National Movement'. Two non-political events in the second half of 1961 focused further attention on the question of what would happen beyond Franco's lifetime. Franco persisted in invoking the Civil War and the achievements of his regime in his now far less frequent public appearances, and in claiming that he could only relinquish his position when God relieved him of the onerous duties he had, throughout his lifetime, sacrificed himself to carry out.