chapter  2
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Africa, Madrid, Zaragoza (1912–31)

On 20 November 1975, the Minister for Information and Tourism, Leon Herrera Esteban, announced on Spanish National Radio that, according to the bulletin issued by Franco's Civil and Military Households. His Excellency the Generalisimo had died 'from a cardiac arrest, culminating a process of toxic shock caused by peritonitis'. The first public engagement of the newly installed monarch was Franco's state funeral on 23 November. Francisco Franco Bahamonde was a product of the particular configuration of historical circumstances. Francisco Franco was born towards the end of a long period of economic, social and political crisis which culminated in the loss of Spain's last overseas colonies in 1898. Franco also achieved supreme political power in the exceptional circumstances of the Civil War. Within fourteen months of Franco's demise, a Law of Political Reform had been passed, which opened the way towards the legalization of political parties and the holding of a general election based on universal adult suffrage.