chapter  2
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Question in the Constituent Assembly about Partition

Mr. President, so far as I know it was said at the time the elections to this Constituent Assembly were held that no outside authority had any control over it. I would like to be informed whether you were consulted about the changes that have taken place in Bengal and Punjab. Have these changes taken place according to the rules made by this Assembly? So far as I am aware members of this Assembly lose their membership when they submit their resignation. I would like to know if the members for Bengal and Punjab, who are no more members, lost their membership by submitting their resignation or as a result of the Viceroy’s statement, which led to new elections being held. If this is what has happened, and this appears to be the actual case, I would like to know your opinion about this matter and whether you consider all this proper and regular or not. We were told that once the Constituent Assembly was elected, neither any changes would be made in its constitution nor could any outsider have any authority or control over it. It appears to me that all these changes have taken place according to the statement of the Viceroy – a proceeding which is improper, unjust, illegal and contrary to the rules.