chapter  38
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Amul Butter Advertisement – see Plate 8

The Amul Butter (and cheese) company regularly put up topical ads on billboards across India. Taking on the Mandal Commission controversy in 1992, Amul Butter poked fun at the concept of reserving seats. The ad also plays with language by building into the joke the different meanings of words in Hindi and English. This is reminiscent of the use of language in some contemporary Indian fi ction. See plate

“Caste No Bar” “Class No Bar” “Amul Butter Bar Bar”

“Caste no bar, class no bar” in the Mandal context means anyone is eligible for the post. It is also a phrase used in marriage ads that suggests the advertiser is open to partners no matter their jati. “Bar bar” is a Hindi phrase meaning “again and again.” So Amul butter bar bar” means “Amul butter everytime.”