chapter  17
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This chapter focuses on planning for health and safety. The CDM Regulations

(HSE, 1994a) necessitate a two-part approach to planning with the objective

of delivering a health and safety plan for the project. The first part is the

responsibility of the planning supervisor, working with the designer, who

must produce a pre-tender health and safety plan. The second part is the

responsibility of the appointed principal contractor, who builds upon the

pre-tender plan and considers the construction phase health and safety

planning issues. The health and safety plan is, therefore, a mechanism for

bringing the project participants together to improve communication and

teamwork on matters of project safety, health and welfare. The focus of the

plan is to identify the potential hazards to health and dangers to safety through

each stage of the construction process and assess their degree of risk. This

consideration forms the basis for developing the safe working practices which

are essential to the on-site construction works.