chapter  20
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A future perspective of construction health and safety: qualify and environment

Specialization is intrinsic to the total construction process. Large and complex

projects are characterized by teams of specialists, which traditionally include

planners, estimators, surveyors, engineers and construction managers. In

recent times these specialists have been joined by an additional host of man-

agers, the most prominent being responsible for health and safety, quality,

and environmental impact. Today's construction projects could not operate

without such specialization. Each specialist contributes to the project through

implementing particular management procedures, or systems, or by following

established professional working practices. Specialists guide the various stages

of the total construction process and the systems which they adopt assist them

to maintain the many, varied and complex arrangements that need to be made

(see Chapter 11). Moreover, clients and corporate management of organiza-

tions require an assurance that organizational and project procedures are

being followed and this is particularly pertinent where independent auditing

mechanisms assess performance.