chapter  1
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The lexicographic scene

As to the appropriateness of prevailing methods people know that dictionary research is not characterised by a single, crucial method, but by a multiplicity of investigative styles, most of which have been adapted from more established disciplines such as philology, the social sciences and the experimental sciences. Wiegand has given examples of other methods developed from within dictionary research such as the 'protocol' approach in user studies, or method for comparing different editions of a dictionary. Wiegand considered these various means intersubjectively 'intelligible' to members of the dictionary research fraternity, but expressed regret at the lack of a sufficiently dominant discourse model. Finally, the criterion of modes of discourse is at least partly satisfied in the sense that dictionary research uses its own channels of communication and means of presentation. Future progress in both lexicography and dictionary research depends on the state and status of the inter-disciplines involved.