chapter  2
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Lexicography as practice

This chapter presents case studies, to demonstrate the great diversity of work done and perhaps inspire the reader to undertake the research. It presents a case study of Kumalo, developing an organisational framework for the lexicographic production of a range of new dictionaries. Account of the state of progress in establishing 'lexicographic units' for each of the official languages. Lexicography impossible without long-term history and institutional support. The chapter also presents a case study of Steiner's dictionary history, which has two major world languages paired namely: English and Spanish. Dictionaries are as much the product of a particular political and cultural era as an object of commercial gain. Problems of diagnosing and proving plagiarist intent, and generalising the findings to the genetic affiliations of bilingual dictionaries for other language pairs. The chapter then presents a case study of Allen's dictionary criticism, which describes and compares the British EFL dictionaries.