chapter  7
Everyday life and Paid Employment 1944-48
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Despite the departure o f the Germans and the drama of the events of the Liberation, women experienced litde material change in terms of their daily life conditions in the immediate postwar years. For most women, the war only really ended with the re tu rn of the men and it was this, more than anything, which had the most impact on their daily lives. This chapter argues that despite the changes adopted during the war years, after the end o f hostilities, for the most part, women re tu rned to their traditional roles as wives and m others in the home, and appear to have been happy to do so. Pressure was placed upon them bo th th rough the experience of the purges and th rough the measures that were passed by the postwar governments to ensure that they did indeed re turn to their prewar roles; however, the evidence also indicates that the situation and experience of women after the war was sometimes more complicated and nuanced than traditional in terpretations suggest.