chapter  3
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Developing a theoretical framework

Team-based approaches to work design have been widely adopted as a way of improving efficiency, quality and providing increased flexibility in workplaces. The effectiveness of teamwork is often a reflection of the preparation and training undertaken, power relationships, reward systems, personalities and time. Developing common goals and a team spirit inevitably involves negotiating different perspectives and priorities, and the effectiveness of teams will depend on how constructively such difference is handled. The move towards teamwork almost by definition puts a high premium on the need of employees such as Amalio to have effective communication and negotiation skills. It exposes such employees to the need to renegotiate basic roles and responsibilities. Job rotation and multiskilling may offer variety and interest to the work being undertaken, but the allocation of these different tasks can often become a source of conflict and resentment. Team-based approaches to work are usually introduced to workplaces as part of an integrated quality management strategy.