chapter  1
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The changing world of work

This chapter explores some of the practical ways that educators have attempted to use the learning potential of everyday work to support, supplement or, in some cases, replace formal learning arrangements. Using learner's experiences and immediate environment as the context for learning is a well accepted principle in adult education. Educators from a social action orientation such as Freire similarly advocate enquiry-based, 'problem-posing' learning as a way of promoting critical thinking, dialogue, reflection, and ultimately guide action to improve social conditions. Part of developing communities and networks of learning involves encouraging learners to make stronger links with their fellow employees and managers, and to promoting different avenues for communication and interchange. In the areas of technical skills, mentoring is being increasingly promoted as a simple and effective way of imparting knowledge and skills, as well as supporting learners. However, mentoring and peer tutoring arrangements need to be well thought out if they are to be effective.