chapter  Chapter Eight
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Rollback and Chinese Intervention in Korea

WithPeter Lowe

The development of the Korean War between July and November 1950 was largely dominated by General Douglas MacArthur. Mac-Arthur restored confidence to the UN forces in this period, helped to stabilize the defense line in the Pusan redoubt before the dramatic events following the Inchon landing. He was a growing source of anxiety to Washington in the political sphere and the first significant example concerned Taiwan during July and August 1950. MacArthur felt passionately that Taiwan must be denied to the Chinese communists for strategic and ideological reasons. In the political sphere the vital issue under consideration between July and September 1950 was whether or not UN forces should cross the 38th parallel, and, if so, what would be the fate of North Korea. MacArthur communicated the transformation of the situation in graphic terms: All hope of localization of the Korean conflict to enemy forces composed of North Korean troops with alien token elements can now be completely abandoned.