chapter  2
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Verb base Noun base Adjective base Derived adjectives amazing pivotal (2.5) expressive allergic

clingy dietary acceptable migrainous painted gangsterish

actory painterly Turneresque hennaed insightful victimless vice-like

Derived percentagewise technically adverbs (2.6)

Changes of word-class without change of form, exemplified by examples like parrot and blunt among the derived verbs, and spy in the deverbal noun column, are often referred to as cases of conversion. Transposition without affix, however, is not essentially different from other transpositional patterns, and we need not give it a special label. Alternatively, words like these are sometimes said to have a 'zero' suffix, though if the analogy with affixed examples is pursued, we might compare peel (a potato) with unpeel (a banana) and say that peel has a 'zero' prefix. However, 'zero' is a convenient shorthand term for 'without affix', and as such I have sometimes used it, though always inside quotation marks.