chapter  9
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Assessment techniques

Assessment should be an integral part of teaching and learning. Without it we would not be able to determine what the pupils had learned and would have no clear indication of the effectiveness of our teaching. Assessment should fulfil four main aims. It should:

assist and support pupils in the learning of science (it should be formative) assist in identifying strengths and weaknesses (it should be diagnostic) assist science teachers in evaluating their teaching and learning programme (it should be evaluative) provide information about progress and achievement of individual pupils for themselves, parents and a range of other people (it should be summative)

of a term but might equally be at the end of some important lesson's work. This snapshot will give us an indication of the sum total of the knowledge that the pupil has on a particular area of the subject at a particular time. To many, this is seen as the most valuable outcome of assessment. It can be easily understood by parents, governors, school administrators and people outside the school system.