chapter  8
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Instruments of political mobilization

This chapter examines the impact in Italy of instruments of political mobilization other than political parties. It focuses on the interrelations between four specific 'instruments of political mobilization' and political parties: the trade unions, business, the Church and the media. The reconstruction of the Italian trade union movement began in the course of the Second World War. From its very inception the new Confederazione Generale Italiana del Lavoro (CGIL) was a creature of the three leading anti-fascist parties: the Socialist Party (PSI), the Communist Party (PCI) and the Christian Democrats (DC). Industry and business organize economic activity, influence the shape of the market and the pattern of consumption, organize entrepreneurs and negotiate with the political system. As the post-fascist trade union movement had been created in Italy on the basis of a strong party political unity. By 1960 the pattern of labour relations began to undergo a profound change.