chapter  5
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Revolution Defeated, October 1944–February 1945

During the four months after the Caserta agreement of September 1944 the balance of power in Greece swung from the Communists to their oppo­ nents. There are aspects of this process that are still puzzling, even after all that has been written by participants and by historians. The greatest myster­ ies concern the Communists’ intentions. The following analysis which is based on their actions, their correspondence, and their retrospective accounts indicates the following conclusions: that they remained deter­ mined to win national power; aimed to make their hold on power exclusive; but tried as far as possible to avoid conflict with the British. Their ambition was manifest and feared by many; but their opponents were divided by diverse backgrounds and motives, and agreed only in seeking protection by the British. The latter gave it because they were determined to bring Greece securely back within their sphere of influence, their deter­ mination being reinforced - in the minds of politicians, diplomats, and officers alike — by repugnance for the Communists’ mentality and methods. Unfortunately the British did not at first have the strength to make their determination clear.