chapter  4
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Power and the First Taste of European Politics, 1848–56

In the battle of Goito, at the end of May 1848 an event of great personal concern had a profound emotional effect on Cavour. His brother’s son, the Marquis Augusto Cavour, who was only twenty-one, was killed. It seems probable that Augusto had been closer to Cavour than he had ever been to his own father. He was without doubt the closest thing to a son Cavour ever had. Michelangelo Castelli, whose personal impressions of Cavour are so vivid, went to console him, but found him inconsolable, in fact - according to Castelli — weeping and rolling on the floor in uncontrollable grief. Cavour had his nephew’s bloodstained uniform placed in a cupboard in his own room, where it remained until Cavour himself died.