chapter  2
Kingdoms; peoples and (X~ltil-1<, A[)4(1()-,8()()
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Ancknt t'ibal boundmie., ~'" obscu",d in the suni"illg ",oord. to t~ p'-.~r>l wbere i[ ;" impossible !lO'<'>' to pinpojnt t~ pred:;e ex1e nl of the t~rrilO'K:' oc"upj"'[ by [YMticular trif"" or kindred •. Some of the older genealogkal malc"fial occ;.,io""Uy mme.' the 'cardinal poilm' of triool [erotaries, 0' in th e case of the D:il COC1ll.~ic in Lein.~r, who.5e ranna or ",j,div(,k"" ~,~ I(x:~l<:d by reference ~) t)", .,iLe.' o[ ,Iral<:gi<: [()rd, ~nd ri,-,-"",'; The dembe of one of th,-"", ",bdh-bions, [he L1 Gal>!a Rolretul, is recorded sllbs"'lllemly in the .ame genealogie;!.' A 'imilir imt.~nce '" m., ",fe ",ace in the annal, fOT A1l7i1 t() the annihilation (joirddb<J) of lhe: Corm .'.lodruad, a saull, Co. Cb", pe()pl", by thdr rivaL< lloe IJcts, ",100 .ubseqllently OCCllpied mllm of their teni[ory. In 80me case, t~ names a]""", sur"h.." and many tribal" "'hid> may at one urn: hvc he"n pmwrful are known [() uS only b""ause thef ldt their mark on the political landscape; 1000g after the Eilni, MWrt:heirunl, and ahe" like tbem h,..;i cli.."~ppea,,,d, t)",ir '1'Ull"" 'had much

ea~ier ""'.ome I'<""il;",-,I in Trbh ~)I")(1om/' Som~ we'" entirely" forgotten, m~nli()nc.J (x,ly in p'l.-sing by oontempomry WIite", but otherwise unkov.'n, even in the genealogie •. D.'en wbe", d}Th~stic fumilks e srabllo;h",[ a firm I{rip on flXl'" ancient. lrib~1 l">pUiatio,,-,. tll~ oldc, tr.,diti()n' .'tLJi>!x,rnly perSis~d; in .-(xnc: casc.' l><.andlC'- of tloe new o".".lord dynasty simply approprl~ted the older twne.9