chapter  8
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Making it count: approaches to qualitative data analysis

If this view is accepted then it is immediately clear that there is a close and mutually dependent relationship between the data collected and the analysis to which they are subjected. We are at the same time suggesting both that the capacity for

have been collected and also as they are collected. Indeed, the assignment of data analysis to separate chapters in this text, as in many other methods texts, may at one level be seen as an unhelpful separation of process and product, which are inextri-

cably linked. We would argue that analysis is an integral and inevitable aspect of the entire research process. Our view is that as the research process progresses from initial ideas and design, through to the development of findings and conclusions, a form of analysis is necessary at every stage, and although this chapter is located towards the end of this book, its content is also highly relevant to many of the issues discussed in the earlier chapters.