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Introduction: confronting the end of nature

This conclusion presents an overview of key concepts covered in the preceding chapters of this book. The contemporary panpsychism and Reinhabiting Reality towards a recovery of culture, the philosopher Freya Mathews has launched an attempt to restore meaning, validity, and relevance to the position she identifies as panpsychism. Mathews does so in a philosophical context and a political situation closely related to my discussion in the above chapters. Panpsychism in the sense intended proceeds from a postulation of the universe as a psychophysical unity. To understand the world in panpsychist terms is to break away from the direction Western thought has taken ever since the scientific revolution. Specifically, panpsychism reacts against the way science since Descartes, Bacon and Galileo has drained matter of any animating principle, creating a situation where the world itself could no longer be regarded either as morally significant let alone valuable in its own right or as the lodestar for human meanings and purposes.