chapter  11
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Domestic Violence and Forced Marriage

The local authorities were placed under a duty to give support for children in need and their families. The aim of these provisions, highly innovative in 1989, was to obviate the need for care or supervision proceedings at all unless essential. The Children act (CA) 2004 sought to discuss these deficiencies after the (first) Laming Report. The CA 1989 includes a duty to accommodate children temporarily where necessary, and to do this without seeking a formal care order unless the criteria for such an order are met: ss 20 and 31(2). A care order gives the local authority parental responsibility (PR) to be shared with the parent(s), although the order limits the extent to which parents may exercise their concurrent PR. The new Family Court continues to make public and private law orders within the philosophy of the CA 1989 in accordance with amendments made by Children and Family Court Advice (CAFA) 2014.