chapter  21
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Financial Provision for Children

The original Child Support Act (CSA) 1991 was also seen as an essen tial reform as it met the require ments of the UNCRC Article 27(3), namely that:

The magic vehicle was supposed to be the Child Support Agency (also abbre vi ated to CSA), set up to imple ment the CSA 1991, the context showing which ‘CSA’ was meant. Unfortunately the subsequent history of the project since its imple ment a tion in 1993 can only be described as appalling, but happily the agency has finally been taken over by the Department of Work and Pensions, a prac tical step since the DWP also admin is ters bene fits and pensions and is already making signi fic ant improve ments in intro du cing a new system with every sign that it will at last work, although some 1993 regime cases still remain.