chapter  9
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Case marking: noun words ﺏﺍﺮﻋﻹﺍ

This chapter explains the human and non-human nouns in Arabic language. Arabic nouns fall into two broad categories. The first category rational is only in reference to humans. The other category not rational includes everything else. Arabic has no neutral category that is, it; there are only masculine and feminine. In the singular, the word it is either masculine or feminine. Non-human referents are often made explicit. Thus, Arabic equivalents of English expressions such as it is hot, it is night, or it is difficult tend not to use proform equivalents of it. Instead a commonly understood or commonly interpreted referent of it is used. A human noun can have a masculine and a feminine form. Concerning the number in nouns, Arabic distinguishes between human and non-human nouns. Non-human plural nouns are treated like singular feminine nouns in a sentence. Therefore, the adjectives for non-human plural nouns will always be singular and feminine.