chapter  10
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Noun type words: syntactic function, case name, and case marking

This chapter discusses the human category nouns. The categories are singular human, dual human and plural human. Masculine singular human nouns are referred by the pronoun or by the demonstrative which are given in an Arabic word. Similarly, feminine singular human nouns are also referred by the Arabic words of pronoun or demonstrative. The chapter summarizes the reference to singular human nouns. Predictably, in the singular, gender determines which pronouns and demonstratives are used to reference nouns of masculine and feminine. It references masculine dual human nouns that can be referred to by the pronoun, or by the demonstrative of an Arabic term, if the noun is in the nominative case, or the demonstrative term of Arabic if the noun is either in the accusative or genitive case. Plural feminine human nouns are referred by the Arabic words of pronoun, or demonstrative.