chapter  16
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Noun attributes: number, gender, case, definiteness

This chapter discusses the adjectives of agreement with nouns. In the singular, there is agreement between the noun and the adjective in all respects: number, gender, definiteness, and case, whether a noun is human or non-human. The chapter also discusses the adjectives: agreement with nouns in the dual. In the plural, adjectival agreement depends on whether the noun is human or non-human. In the dual, irrespective of whether the noun is human or non-human, the adjective agrees with the noun in number, definiteness, gender, and case. For Indefinite masculine dual: human and non-human the following rules are used. Number: the adjective is dual because the noun is dual, Gender: the adjective is masculine because the noun is masculine, Definiteness: the adjective is indefinite because the noun is indefinite. Basic Arabic is an ideal grammar reference and practice resource for both beginners and students with some knowledge of the language. It is suitable for both class use and independent study.