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Section A: Books and Collections of Essays

De la psvchose paranoiacrue dans ses rapports avec la personnalite. These de Doctorat en Medecine, Faculte de Medecine de Paris. Paris: Le Frangois, 1932. 381 pages. Claims that paranoiac psychosis is integrally

related to the development of an individual's whole personality as it evolves through the stages describ­ ed in psychoanalysis, and stresses the role of social relations in the formation and structure of paranoid delusions. Part I traces the historical background and latest developments of psychiatric attitudes towards paranoia and the psychology of personality, and carefully distinguishes the developmental origin of psychoses as defined by Lacan from the two most influential explanations of the time: (1) that of a "constitution" innate in the individual that can be determined as "paranoiac"; and (2) that of a" kernel" or "nucleus" (noyau) of delusional conviction that functions as a "mental automatism."