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Section I: Dissertations

Sophocles' play and to the clinic, and studies the

play "as a paradigm for clinical interventions." Glogowski concludes that Freud reached a "tragic proposition" through his understanding of Sophocles' work: "the subject is always finally a subject of a contradiction, to the extent that it is subject to death . . . [i.e., to] the discourse of the Other." Lacan offers an "essential theo­ retical elaboration" of this fundamental proposi­ tion, Glogowski says, because he shows how Oedipus Tvrannos "reveals the basic way in which a subject comes to be positioned" in a dialectic with the signifier. Thus through Lacan's work the tragic origin of psychoanalysis-the subject's relation to death-comes to be mapped on the topos of the signifier.