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Section J: Miscellaneous Secondary Works

Ambrosi, Jean. "Lacan, un talmudiste moderne." Psvchologie 140 (1981): 8-9. Brief obituary.

Anzieu, Didier. Discussion of C57 and C58. La psvchanalvse 1 (1956): 228-31. Criticizes Lacan's claim that language is every­

thing in analysis and his emphasis on the con­ stitutive power of language in our experience of reality. Anzieu also notes Lacan's debt to the poetic tradition stemming from Nerval, Rimbaud, and the surrealists, and adds that Lacan's ex­ clusive dependence on language as the foundation of analytic experience is no different, methodo­ logically, from behaviorists such as Watson or Pavlov who try to derive all human behavior from one fixed idea. See F386. "L'appel aux vrais fideles." Le monde. 15 March

1980, p. 34. Prints Lacan's letter of 10 March 1980 (E290),

Delenda Est. and notes another request by the Secretary General of the Ecole freudienne de Paris, Eric Laurent, for support against those resisting Lacan's decision to abolish the school. See J1127. Aubert, Jacques. "Entretien avec Jacques Aubert."