chapter  3
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A guide to essay writing and referencing

Essay writing is a skill that an undergraduate student needs throughout the whole of a psychology degree. In fact, in most institutes of further and higher education, essays can make up a large part of a student’s coursework, so taking the time to get it right is time well spent. The composition of an essay can take any one of a number of forms, depending on what key phrase or phrases are contained in its title. Some key phrases likely to appear in essay titles are provided further on in the chapter. The size of essays on undergraduate degrees varies, but usually the word length increases from about 1200-1500 words in the fi rst year of a course, to about 2000-2500 words in the second year, and up to around 3000-3500 words in the fi nal year. An example of a good coursework essay can be found in Example 3.1, which follows the information provided here.