chapter  6
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Empirical research report writing

For most psychology degrees you will be required to run experiments or studies throughout the fi rst two years of the degree and, in your third year, to design your own experiment. Having conducted an experiment (or a non-experimental study) and analysed the data from it, the researcher is normally required to write a report on what the experiment was about; what the procedure was for carrying it out; what was found in the experiment; and a full explanation as to why the things occurred as they did during the experiment. Within the fi eld of psychology, there are clear rules that have been developed for writing empirical reports. Such rules relate mainly to the particular format the empirical report should take, and should be adhered to by the report writer. Following a standard format for empirical report writing makes it easier for other researchers to comprehend the large numbers of research articles they are likely to access during the course of their work. It also allows report writers to get their ideas, procedures, and results across to others.