chapter  7
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A guide to preparing for examinations

An examination is an event during which the student is required to answer questions (usually set by the course tutor) under conditions which have a strict time limit imposed and during which the student is not normally allowed to refer to any external information source (e.g., books, journal articles, notebooks). There are some exceptions to this. One is where you might be allowed to use a calculator and/or a statistics book in an examination that involves statistical analyses. A second is where you have what is known as an open book examination . An open book examination is where the student is allowed to take lecture/revision notes relevant to that topic (say Developmental Psychology) into the examination room, and sometimes the student can take in related literature (e.g., books). However, with an open book examination, the student will not normally be allowed to see the examination paper beforehand and their work will be marked using more stringent criteria than for an unseen examination. Where courses run open book examinations, the module/course tutor will provide specifi c guidelines on how such an assessment is implemented.