chapter  7
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Dening the Subject: Angle of View

DEFINING THE SUBJECT: ANGLE OF VIEW One of the major tasks of photographers is to dene exactly what the subject is. is capacity to compose and mold content is what gives clarity and cohesion to the artist’s experience. e angle of view, or vantage point, is one of the most important basic compositional devices that any photographer has to work with in determining how the image will be represented. It is such an elementary ingredient that it is oen taken for granted and overlooked as a tool, even though the angle of view lets the photographer control balance, content, light, perspective, and scale within the composition. In color photography it also determines the intensity or saturation of the hues and whether or not they form color contrast or harmony. is chapter is designed to encourage you to remove some of the self-imposed limits on visualization and to break away from the accepted, standardized conventions, formulas, and procedures of representation.