chapter  4
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The Tanzanian biofuels experience

Biofuels industry development presents Tanzania with many opportunities as well as challenges.1 On average, about a quarter of the Tanzanian population suffers from persistent food insecurity and extreme poverty each year (MAFC 2006), making food security a major concern. Food crops are mainly cultivated by women with hand tools, 90 per cent are rain fed, with only one harvest a year. Although no national biofuels policy has been fi nalized, a biofuels industry development plan has been included in the Tanzanian Development Vision 2025, Tanzania’s National Strategy for Growth and Reduction of Poverty (MKUKUTA), and the National Energy Policy. In October 2009 the government suspended all biofuels investment in the country and halted land allocations for biofuels development under growing pressure from non-state agents (Browne 2009; MAFC 2009).