chapter  3
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Anna Jónasdóttir and the organic roots of power

Anna G. Jonasdottir develops her conceptualization of patriarchy in explicit parallel with Marx's analysis of capitalism, identifying sexuality as a field comparable to but distinct from labour. She clearly departs from the discursive approach to gender categories. Despite her focus on practices and processes, sex/gender categories are pivotal for Jonasdottir insofar as the sexual division is the basic organizing principle of these practices and processes, at least in the society that is the object of her analysis. Jonasdottir develops the concept of love power in explicit parallel with labour power. By innovatively applying - and in the process reworking - Marxist categories to feminist concerns, Jonasdottir has produced a ground-breaking feminist theory characterized by both internal consistency and external relevance and adequacy. While sexuality is traditionally conceived of in exclusive erotic-ecstatic terms, in Jonasdottir conception the generative power of sexuality is constituted also by an element of care.