chapter  7
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Exploitable resource or ‘no-lose situation’?

This chapter compares Anna G. Jonasdottir's account of sociosexual exploitation with Roy Bhaskar's theorization of love as a 'no-lose situation'. Treating their respective perspectives as representative of two equally persuasive but seemingly contradictory ways of thinking about love, the chapter shows how they can be reconciled. The chapter presents Bhaskar's philosophy of metaReality and the essentially harmonious or non-dual concept of love that he develops within this theoretical framework. Then, with the help of Bhaskar's general ontology of metaReality, the chapter explores a conceptualization of how love can be thought of both as intrinsically a 'no-lose situation' and as a power that can be alienated, exploited and accumulated for the benefit of some and at the cost of others. The chapter also shows that contradictions between the different approaches reflect contradictions in the present world. In our world, the unavoidable duality of relative reality has turned into dualism, antagonism and split.