chapter  8
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Men in love

The work of repressing reality

This chapter discusses the notion of contradiction and more specifically, internal contradictions and its sub-species dialectical contradictions. It shows that the patriarchal sociosexual structure can be theorized as constituted by dialectical contradictions that create dilemmas not only for the exploited, but for exploiters too. The chapter explores some paradigmatic dilemmas confronting men in patriarchal sociosexuality and argues that the strategies to manage them within the confines of continued exploitation necessarily produce new contradictions that require manoeuvring. It presents a couple of notions articulated in Roy Bhaskar's dialectical critical realism, in order to elucidate how contradictions of this kind can be understood only in relation to the constraints emerging from the basic necessities of reality. The chapter then discusses the implications of these discussions for how men's interests in patriarchal sociosexuality should be conceived, and highlights that Anna Jonasdottir's framework fails to take into account the complex and contradictory character of men's interests, by lack of a depth ontology of love.