chapter  3
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Hezar-tu as an urban concept

BySomaiyeh Falahat

This chapter explores the potential of the term as a spatial metaphor, and how it might be used as a conceptual tool and theoretical framework to encourage a change in the ways cities are encountered and their (urban) space conceptualised. Hezar-tu, is applied as an attitude, a characteristic, a concept, an epistemological tool, rather than a form or an existential essence. So, its use is aimed at opening new perspectives rather than determining a clear-cut definition for any given city. As a skeletal framework, Hezar-tu produces different findings in different cities, thus keeping in sight the temporal and geographical variety of cities in the Middle Eastern and North African region, let alone more globally. The purpose of Hezar-tu as an urban metaphor is to express and understand the relations, similarities and differences of urban space.