chapter  4
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The Kemalist vision of the ideal socio-political order

This chapter examines the Kemalist critique of the current socio-political order in Turkey, it becomes easier to grasp the Kemalist's idea according to the Western-type liberal democracy can hardly be the desired goal in the first place. Contemporary Kemalist intellectuals approach the issue from an altogether different perspective. Kemalist ideology abandons its argument of the Turkish Enlightenment, an attempt to create a more rational and just society, what is left is a bare nationalist and protectionist ideology standing alone against the rest of the world. To conclude, one can argue that the good society proposed by contemporary Kemalist intellectuals grounded on rejection of validity of postmodern social-political formations. It is thus exactly represent the world as being characterised by postmodern sociopolitical formations that the contemporary Kemalist ideology refutes by giving its own account based on the continuing relevancy of classical modernism.