chapter  26
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Withdrawing and setting the stage for someone else

In this chapter you become the greybeard or the crone in the disruption cycle. As a successful innovator and disrupter within the industry, you now have your chance to become the mentor in the Arch3.0 life cycle from outside your practice, and share your expertise as a master disrupter. In the ecosystem of leverage this is where you become the sounding board and central to an upcoming community of marginals.

This is your opportunity to instill your expertise and awareness into the networks that you may not have been a part of in the past. There are plenty of volunteer opportunities within city and county governments. There are neighborhood advisory groups, city districts, art commissions, and volunteer groups that could use the expertise and connections of your networks. Within these groups there are other neighborhood stakeholders and weak links that could be focused onto your practice or to help your practice’s stakeholders.