chapter  5
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Integrating the curriculum means developing instruction so the content from the various courses in the major is taught in a manner that the courses support and reinforce one another. Integration can be accomplished in career major programs, Tech Prep programs, academies, or magnet schools. Often people get confused between an applied curriculum and an integrated curriculum. Typically, an integrated curriculum is applied, but an applied curriculum does not have to be integrated. An applied curriculum can be implemented by each instructor unilaterally teaching in an applied fashion. An integrated curriculum requires joint planning between instructors of courses to be integrated. The joint planning focuses on each instructor understanding what the others are teaching so that she/he can modify instruction to support the other instructors. Modifications can take a variety of forms. One form is to arrange the timing of when certain content is taught so that content from the different courses relevant to a common project is taught at the same time. Integration can also take place by instructors just referring to where what students are learning in other classes is applicable to their classes. For example, "In y o u r__________class you are studying_________ , this is how what we are studying can be applied in those situations." The most ideal form of integration takes place around projects jointly planned by all of the instructors. The project becomes the focal point for integration. How to accomplish integration will be discussed later in this chapter.