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Thomas lives in poverty and has very little support at home; however, he had demonstrated a great deal of academic capacity in kindergarten and on his entrance assessments at his new school. Thomas’s first weeks at school do not go as planned. He frequently disrupts class by talking out of turn, getting up from his desk, and talking back to Ms. Rulz, his teacher. Ms. Rulz follows the handbook precisely and Thomas spends more time in the office than he does in the classroom. Gaining a quick reputation as a naughty kid, Thomas is not able to make the types of friends that parents would want their child to have. Instead, his peer group becomes the other students who are frequently in the office or the in-school suspension room. Thomas misses so much time in class, and the material is so substantially different from that in his previous school, that he becomes nervous and embarrassed in the classroom, continues to act out, and soon falls behind. As early as the midpoint of his first-grade year, it becomes apparent that his probability of success in school is quite low.