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Different Forms of Media

Overview The Common Core State Standards for language cover the full range of conventions in grammar, usage, capitalization, punctuation, and spelling. However, they don’t advocate teaching the rules in isolation; they require teaching students how the rules apply to language, style, and meaning. They also emphasize the importance of teaching students to adjust their language based on audience and purpose. Students don’t always have to write in a formal style “for the teacher”; they can also write in informal styles, but they should learn to decide when a particular style is most appropriate. In addition to emphasizing grammar and style, the standards also stress vocabulary. Teach words explicitly and also implicitly through your own word choices. Don’t require students to memorize words and use them in sentences; help students truly understand what the words mean by using them in different contexts and analyzing shades of meaning. Focus on academic vocabulary, which is essential to students’ success in school and beyond. Give students tools to uncover word meanings on their own so they can become more independent readers and writers. Following is a list of other key points to keep in mind when designing language lessons.