chapter  5
Teacher Portfolios and Professional Deve lo pment
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When portfolios are used exclusively for professional development, they permit more latitude to examine a range of teaching efforts, from the unsuccess­ ful to the most exciting, and the resulting impact on student learning. This free­ dom from perceived judgment can encourage greater risk taking and reflection

| on the what, why, and how of successful teaching. When a teacher feels safe, the | use of the portfolio can encourage greater awareness of one's work w ith stu­ dents, more opportunities for analysis and self-critique, and a clearer under-

1 standing of how to judge one's own instructional improvement. In this chapter, we explore the following questions related to the use of portfolios for profes­ sional growth:

I ♦ W hy use portfolios for professional development? I I ♦ What is the relationship between reflection and professional devel-I

opment? I ♦ How does reflection contribute to professional development? I

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♦ What is the format of a portfolio for professional development? ♦ How do educators perceive the use of portfolios for professional de­