chapter  6
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Social Media and a Crisis Response

Almost every day, somewhere in the United States, there is a story in the media about a violent event in school. Occasionally, we learn about natural calamities that require school leaders to respond quickly. Among school leaders’ most difficult tasks is to acknowledge the possibility of a crisis in our schools and to prepare for that crisis-at the same time working diligently to prevent it and minimize the effects on students. In short, school leaders must plan for the best scenario, which is to prevent a crisis from occurring, but prepare for the worst case as well. Chapter 5 discussed strategies for anticipating and preventing a crisis. This chapter addresses the crisis response. Social media is a tool that can help school leaders communicate effectively and respond more quickly during a crisis. They also help leaders monitor their schools so that they can anticipate developing crises. A school crisis can come from almost anywhere and can be caused by nature or by people. The Assistant Superintendent for General Administration of the Olathe (Kansas) School District noted, “The question is not if an emergency happens, but when it happens, how prepared are we to handle a situation.”