chapter  8
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Social Media and School Leadership

The last decade has seen the role of the school principal change significantly. While the traditional roles of budget manager, instructional leader, student disciplinarian, human resource developer, and public relations expert continue to shape the work, other roles and functions have added to the complexity. For example, principals are now expected to manage a workplace that is far more complex, where communication is a 24/7 fact of life, where access to information about student and teacher success is readily available, and where multiple tools exist for employees, parents, and community to shape the conversation about a school. The workplace has changed dramatically, and several trends are shaping how we think about the principal’s role. This chapter will begin by exploring some of those trends and suggest several skills that principals will need to successfully navigate this new environment. It will also discuss changes occurring in the teacher work force as those from a new generation replace rapidly retiring Baby Boomers.