chapter  4
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Value-Added Analysis

More recently Dr. Sander’s work has influenced pilot programs in Colorado, Iowa, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New Hampshire. Pennsylvania’s pilot is required as of 2007-2008. Many school districts have adopted the concept of VAA on their own with the support of SAS or other consulting agencies. The Milwaukee Public Schools, for example, have partnered with the Wisconsin-Madison Center for Educational Research (WCER) located at the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s School of Education in the development of their own VAA process. The Value-Added Research Center (VARC) at WCER has also developed a network of schools using VAA in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan. The value-added research being conducted at VARC is being led by Dr. Rob Meyer. Battelle for Kids, located in Columbus, Ohio, is also a center of VAA and conducts workshops and facilitation while also producing training and instructional materials. Another VAA dissemination force is “Operation Education” located at The Center for Greater Philadelphia and directed by Theodore Hershberg. The Center maintains a good deal of information regarding VAA at it’s website (see listing at the end of this chapter).