chapter  6
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More Ideas to Strengthen Parent Partners

One summer day, I was sitting in my car journaling. I didn't have anything particular on my mind, but I thought I would just capture an ordinary moment:

Tom and. I are ju s i ckillin! a i Delaware Park■ We dropped Jon

is skooting baskets, fie ju s i bounced ike ball o ff a kuge tree and is rebounding ii. Tkis tree is one ika i wasn't destroyed by ike October storm in ZOOb. So many of ike trees are scarred so

At this point, Tom came bounding back to the car for a drink. When he saw that I was writing in my journal, my real, private journal, he queried me about my topic. I handed my journal over to him and said, "Here. Read it." His eyes almost bugged out. I had never offered up my journal for reading before. He took it, still looking at me cautiously, big brown eyes sparkling with mischief. I'm sure the thought he was about to read some deeply guarded secret. Perhaps he thought I would try to snatch it back before he read anything on the page.