chapter  3
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Getting Parents on Your S ide

It was a crisp October day, not too many months back, and I knew I had finally succeeded. I don't remember where we had been; my husband, two of our four sons, and I were in the car heading home. The sun was brilliant, and it warmed us all. We were nearly home; I remember the moment well. We passed a tree along the road whose form and placement next to road almost always catches my attention, whatever the season. In the fall, I make it a point to notice this particular tree every day when I pass by It typically changes from green to the most astounding colors virtually over night. At the peak of its transformation, it is a true visual delight that my eye revels in each time I pass it. Words fail me to aptly describe the vibrancy of the red shades and the tinges of yellow-orange that treat the passerby That day, with sun dancing on the leaves, the tree was breathtaking.